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Newave leverages resources helping blockchain teams to open the China market.





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Our Resources and Services

Official Wechat Community

100+ WeChat groups
500+ robots serves in the community

China Market Consulting

China VC Connections, Community management, Marketing & Public Relations, Listing on Exchange Platform, etc…

Marketing & Public Relations Management

300,000+ exposures / day
100+ communities

Media Partners

100+ Blockchain Media Partners

Official Weibo

130,000+ followers
100+ media follow

Official APP

10,000,000+ downloads

Why China Market?

The presence of unprecedented volume of both retail and institutional community serve as foundation for Newave Capital to leverage underlying resources to accelerate portfolio companies with proven track records of underpinning overseas projects to seamlessly localize into high-caliber industry standard in China and counterparts.

End to End Services

Newave Capital is the progressive venture studio that leverages data analytics, market research, process optimization, and global partnerships to forge holistic end-to-end services to facilitate partners reaching their vision until growth stage meets maturity phase once network effects settle in and the adoption curve takes off.

Evaluation Criterias

Newave Capital values ethos of entrepreneurial experiences, disruptarian mindsets, and resilience coupled with a penchant for identifying missing pieces of the puzzle in the system. We favor founders who speak with result-oriented data and shredding the status quo with actions.

A New Way of Adventure